Trail Maintenance

Looking for Volunteers!

Hillside Woods is in desperate need of some trail stewards. The trails are intensely compacted and eroded and widening all the time. We'd like to rehab the trails with appropriate trail-building elements. If you have experience with trail maintenance and would like to help out, please contact us!

Trail Erosion

HHS grad Janey Litvin built trails for nine weeks in Colorado on a trail crew and has imported some of her expertise back to Hastings. In May of 2021, with help from Janey and Senior Alternatives intern Doug Gutierrez, we restored a water bar on the red trail north of Sugar Pond. Water bars send storm runoff down hillsides, diverting it from the trail bed. If a trail bed becomes a stream, it erodes that much more quickly.

We have many more projects to complete! Volunteers welcome!!


Volunteers re-marked the trails to reflect the trail map colors in 2020. Touch-ups are needed - contact us to volunteer!

New Map

Adam Hart redid his 2003 Hillside Woods and Park map in the spring of 2020. To create his original map in 2003, he had to rent a GPS backpack. He could work on his update with a smartphone!

One of Hillside's many eroded trails