The Deer Drive: March 16th, 10am, 2024

Over a hundred volunteers participated in the Great Hastings Deer Drive.

Participants scaled steep slopes and meandered over uneven terrain to ensure no deer were lurking in the exclosure. Six deer were witnessed walking north from the exclosure, and one coyote was seen zooming out. Once we traversed the entirety of the exclosure, Parks staff closed the opening in the fencing with the help of volunteers.

For more recap and interviews, visit Jean Zimmerman's blog.

Deer Drive Pics by Cat McGrath

Registration and getting ready

Getting into position

Final instructions

Some of the team

Closing the fence


Deer Drive Zoom 2024

Community Zoom: Why and How to do a Deer Drive. You can view the recording here.

Fall, 2023: Dear Fencing Installed

The Village deer exclosure in Hillside Woods is almost complete, and will protect 30 acres of the woods from deer. "S" gates will allow people and dogs to walk through at trail intersections. Bartlett Tree Company has been hired to manage the large invasive plant communities. Over the next several years, we will be able to watch ecosystem diversity return to this section of the woods through tree regeneration and replantings. New to the project? Read the founding study here.

Click for I.D. help and other information on our SLF webpage. You won't see this insect in the winter, but you may find its egg masses. Proper I.D. is critical, so you don't damage innocent look-alikes.

Working with HHS Senior Interns May-June 2022

They've done so much work!

HW's three senior interns reviewed every tubed and caged tree and recorded their data in Epicollect5. For tree stems that perished, they repurposed the tubes over volunteer tulip, sassafras and oak seedlings. Since these were born in the woods, they won't need watering. See our Replanting page for details. The seniors also planted DEC stems along Boutillier's Brook on Farragut Parkway, and removed Japanese barberry and mile-a-minute vine from Hillside Woods.

May 2021: Restoration Funding is Finally Here!

Long-delayed due to the pandemic, Westchester County and New York State have disbursed $350,000 in grant monies, which covers the budget as originally outlined in Land Beyond the Sea's forest management plan. Parks & Rec are currently interviewing fencing companies and navigating post-pandemic materials shortages. Read about the County grant in the Rivertowns Enterprise.

May 2021: Tree Planting with Hastings Schools

Over 350 seedlings planted!

After a year of removing invasive brush, we've concluded a pilot planting project.

High School AP Environmental Science students, buddying with 2nd graders, planted 130 seedlings and PE classes watered them as needed. Huge thanks to the HHS PE Department, the HHS AP Environmental Science class, and Hillsides' 2nd Grade Team. 

HWRP volunteers planted the remaining seedlings over a couple of work sessions - over 350 in HW! See our Replanting page for more info. 

Thanks to our students, parent event volunteers, and Mayor Armacost for lending their hands! And to our fantastic HWRP volunteers.

Watering is Critical

HHS PE classes to the rescue! HHS Phys Ed classes watered the seedlings as needed, or three times a week in dry weather, through the end of school.

A big thank you to Mr. McCann and Mr. Kiely for engaging their PE students in Hillside Woods! The trees would not have survived without them.