Deer Exclosure

The Village is installing permanent deer fencing along the pink lines as drawn below.  S-gates along main trails will allow public access through the exclosure. 

The area outlined is approximately 30 acres, or just under one-third of the total park and woods. Once fencing is complete, the Village will conduct a deer push to shoo the deer out of the exclosure. Bartlett Tree Company has been hired to remove heavy invasives inside it, after which the Village will plant a mixture of native understory plants and trees. 

Approximate dimensions of proposed exclosure


Fencing will be set-back from the forest edge and consist of 8' woven wire mesh and fence posts.

Several entrances will use "S"-gates to allow people and small animals to enter. These have the advantage of no breakable hinges or swinging doors that could accidentally be left open and reintroduce deer.