Adam Hart, mapmaker, poses with the new kiosk. Photo by Jim Metzger.

Campaigning, Educating, Planting

Protect Our Woods is an ad hoc citizens' group formed to help the Hillside Woods Restoration Project.

For more info about POW, email or visit POW on Facebook. POW worked closely with Hastings Parks & Rec Dept, Parks & Rec Commission and Conservation Commission to erect the kiosk and create content and branding for the restoration project.

Parks and Rec Staff pose in front of the newly installed kiosk

Kiosk Installation

POW sourced, and our Parks & Rec staff erected, this informational kiosk, located at the Chemka Pool entrance to Hillside Woods, in the summer of 2020. On the front is Adam Hart's new map of Hillside Woods, and on reverse is a cabinet with news and information about Hillside's habitat and the Hillside Woods Restoration Project.

It is our hope that the kiosk will serve as a bridge between the project steering committee and the public, fostering understanding and engagement. Providing a kiosk was one of the recommendations of the Hillside Woods & Park Tree Inventory & Urban Forest Management Plan the Village commissioned in 2018.

We are grateful to an anonymous resident for donating the funding for this project.

Cat McGrath installs informational content on kiosk's reverse side. Photos by Jim Metzger.

POW aims to site an informational mini-kiosk like this one at every park entrance (at the red stars on map at right).

Donations welcome!

To donate, contact

Adam's new trail map! Click to view a hi-res copy