What Hastings Is Doing

The Urban Silviculture Research Project

A team of National Forest Service scientists have identified two areas in Hillside Woods for an oak regeneration study that looks at oak suitability as a canopy gap filler in urban forests. The research work provides fencing, seedlings, planting and maintenance and will result in two 20m² stands of white oak trees. Lucky us! Work will begin in spring of 2023. Read the full proposal here.

Hastings established the Hillside Woods Restoration Project in 2018. Click for more info and a history of the project.

HWRP welcomes volunteers and we train! Learn about the woods and enjoy some camaraderie

Project streams: invasive removal & replanting data, trail work to date, plus what's next

A community effort to inform the community about Hillside Woods and our ecosystem

Join us for walks, talks and occasional special events

The Future

Next steps include crunching the data from our tree survey to manage invasive trees; exclosing a demonstration site in which to remove invasives and replant; and exclosing as much as the park as possible with fencing, once state and county funding comes through; followed by removing more invasives and more replanting.

Map by Adam Hart