Parking Options for
Farragut Parkway Work Sessions

For more on Boutillier's Brook project, click here. For the Hastings Vine Squad, click here.

Please be SUPER CAREFUL when crossing Farragut Parkway or walking along it!

Planting day info

Please bring:

  • a shovel or other digging tool if you have one (we will have a limited number to share).

  • a mallet if you have one, for hammering down the stakes; metal preferred.

  • a bucket if you have one.

  • drinking water – it's going to be warm.

Please wear:

  • work gloves if you have a pair (we will have a limited number to share).

  • sturdy, waterproof boots.

  • sunscreen.


  • watch this short video on how to plant trees before you come. The video features Beth Roessler, the DEC field biologist who personally reviewed our site. There will be a mini tree-planting lesson at the beginning of our work session, but this video preview is well worth it.

  • Invite anyone you know who'd like to come!

Click here for background information on the restoration.