Protect Our Woods

A Community Campaign in Support of the Hillside Woods Restoration Project

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Boutillier's Brook - Farragut Parkway near Exit 12
We applied for more plants and won a second DEC grant from Trees for Tribs! We planted 300 more shrubs and trees on October 16th.

Our amazing fellow Villagers, plus Groundwork Hudson Valley's Green Team, prepped and planted the area.

Lower Burke Estate
HHS grad Avery Erwin-McGuire has developed an ecological restoration plan for this surprisingly rich wetland and HHS' science department will engage students in this worthy endeavor this fall. The Lower Burke is rife with redwing blackbirds (and others), historic ruins, and an assortment of native and invasive plants. Avery welcomes volunteers! Read more.


(Coming soon - page seriously under construction.) Despite its ragged condition, the woods still supports a variety of native birds, mammals, insects and plants. Learn more about our northeast woodland ecosystem and share what you learn with others. You can add your own observations using iNaturalist and eBird to contribute to our crowd-sourced collective understanding.

Map by Adam Hart