Protect Our Woods

A Community Campaign in Support of the Hillside Woods Restoration Project

We've been clearing invasive brush for almost a year – and are getting ready for a pilot planting this spring. We just "heeled-in" 350 tree seedlings. What's that? →Glad you asked!

Our tree-planting dates are firming up for the week of May 26th.

With NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation, we're gearing up to replant a section of Boutillier's Brook, a tributary to the Saw Mill River on Farragut Parkway near Exit 12. Join us May 8th for prep, and May 15th to plant!

A recent HHS grad has developed a restoration plan to restore the wetlands of the Lower Burke Estate. More soon!

Wildlife in Hillside Woods

(Coming soon - page seriously under construction.) Despite its ragged condition, the woods still supports a variety of native birds, mammals, insects and plants. Learn more about our northeast woodland ecosystem and share what you learn with others. You can add your own observations using iNaturalist and eBird to contribute to our crowd-sourced collective understanding.