Deer Exclosure Demo Site

We will install a demonstration site by erecting a length of permanent fencing along the edge of the woods and stringing temporary fencing to create a manageable deer exclosure. Regenerating a demonstration area is a valuable exercise in proof-of-concept.

The area we have outlined is approximately 4.5 acres, from Edgewood Avenue to the Vernal Pond trail and from the Taft St trail entrance to the school district property line. S-gates will allow public access to the site. We will plant a mixture of native understory plants and trees once fencing is erected. Work is underway to remove invasive trees along the fence edge.

Approximate dimensions of proposed demonstration site


The forest management plan calls for deer-exclosure fencing to encircle 60 acres of the woods, from the Saw Mill River Parkway to Scheckler's Brook, the stream that runs into Sugar Pond. Fencing will be set-back from the forest edge and consist of 8' woven wire mesh and fence posts.

Numerous entrances will use "S"-gates to allow people and small animals to enter. These have the advantage of no breakable hinges or swinging doors that could accidentally be left open.